ACTUEL is a company founded in 2013., she has grown from a company BUS Computers that was founded in 1998., in Kikinda, Serbia. Company BUS Computers has built a reputation in the field of distribution of IT equipment, system engineering, business application development, internet service, security facilities, fiscalization, and web design, and now is among the 20 most successful IT companies in Serbia. Due to the successful development in the field of web services the company ACTUEL was founded to independently expend and to specialize in the field of web services, marketing, creating mobile applications and content management systems.

Vision and mission

Constant monitoring of development trends, identification of new business concepts, choosing the most appropriate technological solutions and implementation of cutting edge technology with a complete commitment of the professional team towards achieving the vision of each client's business, are guiding ideas of company ACTUEL.

We are focused on constantly upgrading our services and our strategy is to offer the market products, services and solutions based on the latest trends and developments, which bring the best global and local experiential practice, at an affordable price.

Why us?

We turn our experience into benefits for our customers. We measure our success through the results and achievements of our client. Thanks to the experience of our team, we ensure that web site, as a complex and very important part for promoting business and the company's visual identit, fits to customer needs. Careful approach to each preparation in order to best convey the essence of the client, selecting the most appropriate features, enabling ease of navigation, the balance between graphics and text and selecting the style language for the site, all in an agreed time and budget. Never as today is effective marketing communication important in every work. It is essential that the advertising message be genuine and to tickle the imagination of the viewer, so our team uses traditional methods of good rich yet fresh and original innovation. We offer graphic design for all promotional materials, and all that is needed for quality construction and promotion of the visual identity.