WEB design questionnaire

Do you own a web site?



Web site features?

Do you want to update the site independently and that the exact contents?

Do you need a product catalog?

Do you need a detailed search data?

Do you plan to gallery?

Do you want to enable complete an application form through this site?

Whether you need a drafting or logo redesign?

What is your activity?

(Description of the company, the industry, you do.)

The target group of visitors?

(The target group, age, social status, level of education.)

What you want to achieve your web site?

(What are your expectations and goals (better information of clients, catalog of products / services, ...).)

Sites that are similar to what you need

(Make sure to include details for each site (eg, has good functionality but the design is bad))

Website 1:

Website 2:

Website 3:

The deadline for completing:

Methods of communication:



Meetings Live

Approximated No. of pages:






Design quality:

Highest - creating all the original elements of the site

Medium - work hands-standardizovanih element dimension

A simple and not overly expensive - use šablosnkih elements

Design quality:

do 250€

250€ - 500€

500€ - 750€

750€ - 1500€

1500€ - 3000€

preko 3.000€

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